GP Out of Hours Services

Members of the Public attended the recent meeting (18 February) of Kilsyth Community Council where they heard about the proposal by Lanarkshire Health Board, regarding the provision of GP Out of Hours services.
Lanarkshire Health Board is currently consulting on changes for patients in Lanarkshire who require to be seen by a doctor Out-of-Hours. “Out of hours” applies to those times during the evening, night, weekends and Public Holidays, when the local Health Centre is closed. The two options in the proposal for residents of Kilsyth and villages would make it necessary for the patient to make their way to a medical centre in Hamilton or Airdrie (emergency 999 calls would obviously be dealt with as at present).
Members of the Public and the Council who attended the meeting made their views clearly known – that neither of these two options would be acceptable.
Transport links to these two locations are almost non-existent. There are also perfectly acceptable nearby facilities on East – West Bus Routes. 
In response to these local concerns expressed by residents living in Kilsyth and the surrounding area, Kilsyth Community Council has prepared letters of objection to the plan along with suggestions for a more acceptable arrangement.
These letters will be available for individuals to sign from Wednesday 25th February at Millers the fruiterer, R A Cant, The Cross Butchers and from all local churches. The Community Council  will collect them from these locations and post them to the Health Board.
Alternatively, residents can join the campaign by contacting the Health Board directly with their comments either by emailing or by writing to
NHS Lanarkshire,
Fallside Rd,
Glasgow  G71 8BB
The Community Council also has a copy of the letter, which can be downloaded here and completed by interested parties and sent to the above address.


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